Welcome to Explorations in Adult Education.  I teach English as a Second Language and provide academic support to students at a private college near Vancouver.  I’ve been an instructor for almost twenty years and have taught adults the entire time.

There are many things I love about teaching, but one is the fact that there is always something more to be learned, something new to challenge and inspire.  These are interesting times in adult education, as technology is increasingly offering learning opportunities and innovative ways of learning.  Students are thinking in terms of being life-long learners, and that is very exciting.

Outside the classroom, and sometimes in the classroom, too, my great passion is storytelling.  I tell traditional stories through Vancouver Tellers, and the Vancouver Society of Storytelling, and I tell personal stories through The Flame.  It fascinates me that there are such large audiences for stories of all kinds.  I suspect it might be a yearning for personal connection in this digital age.

This blog was created to fulfill a requirement for the British Columbia Provincial Instructor’s Diploma Program.  In it, I hope to examine and reflect on ideas that are being presented, and which, I believe, bear further examination.





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